About me

Hola! welcome to my food and travel blog! I’m Jose! I am a “gastronaut”, which means a guy that flies when he eats and also when he cooks! Since I realized that there were already a lot of self-defined “gastronauts” in the web, I started looking for a different word for myself.

Since I am home cook and I love photography and writing!, I became foodógrafo (spanglish word for foodographer!)

I am Venezuelan-born with Lebanese origins. I grew up around mint-scented homes as well as parsley, cardamom, and other wonderful Middle East spices. All of that mixed with corn from arepas and the avocado’s flavour! Currently, I live in Bogotá, so I enjoy all the exotic fruits that are offered to me by the Colombia´s incredible biodiversity! Because of these reasons, I am passionate for learning and preparing any recipe of the world and for capturing such moment with the lens of my camera.

I have always believed that cooking is powerful! You can seduce the person that you like with a delicious meal.  You can make a lot of people happy by baking cookies. You can create funny moments by preparing theme meals. You can travel the world by mixing the ingredients on the stove. You can exploit your art through the colors of a plate. I am sure there are a lot of “foodografos” around. However, I am here, in this corner, posting at least one weekly recipe and writing about wonderful places of the world. Welcome to my planet! I will be happy and excited  to receive your messages!!!