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White fish tartar

2017. White fish tartar

Last Friday after almost 12 years I resigned from my current job. It has been a very rare experience because it is a mixture of feelings. I feel super happy and excited about new professional challenges, and at the same time I feel something of nostalgia and sadness to leave a very pleasant atmosphere. The reality is that I perceive changes as something positive, so what is coming will be great.

The thing is that in the last stage of all these years I was working on some projects in Peru, in a town to the north called Talara and that has a refinery. That place represents for many the end of the world, and for Peruvians the city where they land to go to the beaches with the hottest water in the country.

With Talara, I established a more gastronomic relationship than anything else. As I was working, I had little time for sightseeing, so I dedicated myself to eating a lot and discovering Peruvian dishes. On one of those afternoons at a restaurant that I really like, I proposed to the chef to teach me how to cook. He told me that the next Saturday between 4 and 7 at night he would teach me to make several dishes.

Those hours were quite an adventure knowing tips of Peruvian recipes with spicy prawns, olive octopus, creamy bacon. And also, with a swordfish loin we prepared a great tartar. From that encounter, is  this recipe that today I upload to the blog to celebrate the return of the fish after so many months. You will discover how dishes that you think are super complicated to prepare are just a myth and end up being very easy. Enjoy it!

The recipe of the white fish tartar

For 2-3 people


400-500 grams of swordfish loin, mahi-mahi or corvina (or any other white fish that is firm)

1 stalk of long onion, chopped into small squares

1 ½ tbsp of sesame oil

1 ½ tbsp of mayonnaise (better homemade)

Juice of one medium lemon (or ½ large)

1 tsp (teaspoon) of salt

1 tsp (teaspoon) of freshly ground pepper

1 avocado cut in cubes

½ cucumber of any type cut into thin circles

Optional: ½ tsp (sesame seeds) of black sesame or sesame seeds.

What I do?

1 I cut the fish into cubes as 1-2cms.

2 In a container I put the fish and mix it with the long onion, salt and pepper.

3 Then I add the sesame oil and mix.

4 I continue with the sesame seeds and squeeze the lemon.

5 Finally, I add the mayonnaise and mix carefully so that the pieces of fish do not break. I let it rest 10-15 minutes.

6 I serve on a plate on cucumber and avocado and enjoy it.

Its very good! In tip # 1, I show you how to put it to make it fantastic.

Tip # 1- Follow these steps to place a tartar:

Step 1: Makecircles of cucumber wheels placed one on top of the other. Use a metal or plastic ring and place it in the center of the plate. Fill it to half avocado cubes.

Step 2: add the tartar.

Step 3: Use a lid and push it down without much pressure.

Step 4: remove the ring and the lid! You already have a beautiful tartar!

Tip # 2: You can add tiny cucumber cubes to the fish mixture or even mango. It will be very delicious!

Or fill it with avocado!

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